Around Domme Wine

Less than 2 km away is the Moncalou winery with the production of Domme wine.

Near the winery, the Moncalou Tower has been erected, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding area. At its top, an orientation table and an observation telescope await the visitor. His gaze then falls on magnificent landscapes: the Dordogne valley in the foreground and, in the distance, the borders of the Massif Central.

Let's not also forget small independent producers who are passionate about wine, nuts and walnut oil: I am thinking in particular of Domaine Lasfargues in Moncalou.

Domaine Lasfargues White Chardonnay for amateurs.

Our location in Florimont Gaumier affects the Lot (46) and of course the nearby AOP CAHORS with a great range of producers.

Little favorite for the Domaine de Sabrezy (20 mins) AOP Cahors: a good, consistent quality for several years and a very clear rosé, pleasant in summer which drinks very well...